WordPress 4.0 Benny version update

WordPress 4.0 offers a more seemless user experience

WordPress 4.0 has arrived. The latest version is nicknamed “Benny” in recognition of the jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Jumping beyond version 3 will certainly raise expectations, so what’s new with in WP 4.0?

WordPress 4.0 – A focus on content creation

One of the first changes you’ll notice is with the content editor. The toolbar has become what’s called “sticky”, meaning that it’ll try to remain at the top of your screen whilst you scroll down adding more content to a page / post. This is a particularly neat feature for those who like to edit text style mid-stream.

Time saved scrolling: minutes

WordPress 4.0 Sticky Toolbar

Seemless media embedding

The next change has been eagerly anticipated for a very long time! 4.0 introduces the ability to preview a video that has been embedded directly within the edit page. This has now reduced the need to preview your content to double-check it’s all going to work. WordPress 4.0 also previews other embeddable media like tweets etc.

Time saved: seconds

Re-styled plugin browser

The integrated plugin search facility is now a more visually rich experience – allowing you to see more of the plugin’s vital stats. This simple change now makes it a tiny bit easier to compare and contrast the available options.

Time saved: seconds

New plugin browser in WordPress 4.0

Shock! Media Library realises that it needs to be more… visual

I’m very happy with the changes to the Media Library in WordPress 4.0. This is probably the most significant change people will notice. You can now see the images in a lovely grid which makes the process of scanning and managing your library soooo much nicer! The infinity scrolling grid view and the new drag ‘n’ drop system are also very welcome additions. Thank you WordPress!

Time saved: hours! Especially useful if you’re a photographer or artist

WordPress Media Library

WordPress 4.0 – A summary of the update

So on the outside the changes aren’t as throw you out of your seat as expected. They’re subtle and focused on user efficiency. The result, I imagine, from a whirlwind of feedback saying much the same thing. What I particularly like about the changes is that they’ll save time. A precious commodity as I’m sure you’ll agree.

It’s worth noting that I found the update process from 3.9 to be absolutely seemless – as expected really. I understand their beta stages are lengthy with impeccable attention to detail. So well done WordPress you’ve made the WP experience just that tiny bit better and we thank you.

thank you

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