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Explore our growing resource of original articles for bloggers, vloggers, webmasters and small business owners. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced coder, there will be something for everyone.

The Zaposphere tower of knowledge is split into 10 levels each with their own department of expertise. Beginners should start on the ground floor and as you gain more experience you’ll move up the tower to the upper levels. We also have a couple of sub-levels including a vault for extra special tips and knowledge. To quickly move up and down a level click on the upper and lower portion of the lifts.

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Level 7 – Research & Development

A space to imagine and shape the future of WordPress and website design. Sharing dreams and ideas.


Level 6 – The Boardroom

The boardroom is where crucial business strategies are discussed and put into place. Steering the ship in the right direction.


Level 5 – Design Studio

A creative space filled with the visual world of web design and online trend patterns.


Level 3 – Marketing Suite

Locating, understanding and communicating with your chosen target audience. Building campaign strategies and reviewing their impact through an analysis process.


Ground Floor – Initiation & Guided Tours

Understanding the basics. A place to be inquisitive and ask questions.

Start exploring the levels! You can quickly move up and down a level by clicking on the upper and lower portion of the lifts ←


Sublevel 1 – Security

Keeping your site secure, safe and watertight from internet predators, trolls and spammers.


Sublevel 2 – The Vault

Secrets and less well-known knowledge. Risky or ill-advised ideas. Available only to the brave or worthy.