How to add custom CSS code without a child theme (WordPress)

Adding custom CSS code to your WordPress website needn’t be a hassle. Contrary to the advice you might be reading online, you can even do it quickly and easily without creating a child theme. Yes, that’s right. Add CSS code (styles) to WordPress – no child theme required. This is an easy (and completely professional) solution for beginners. With this solution there is zero chance of …

WordPress The Essential Guide by Zaposphere OUT NOW!

WordPress: Essential Guide by Zaposphere

It’s finally here! My NEW fully comprehensive guide to WordPress. WordPress: The Essential Guide by Zaposphere is an ebook that explains every aspect of the WordPress administration area and much, much more. From post categories to widgets, from themes to plugins, you’ll learn how to create a child theme, how to add a contact form, the basics of HTML as well as …

How to create and insert a custom menu in WordPress

Create custom navigational menus in WordPress

In this post we’ll take you step by step through the process of creating and inserting a custom menu in WordPress. Add a secondary navigation menu into your header area, footer area or directly inside your page content or blog post.

How to create a child theme in WordPress – Step by step guide

How to create a child theme in WordPress - a step-by-step guide

You want to modify your WordPress website’s theme but don’t want the hassle of losing your customizations everytime you update it? The answer to your problem is a child theme! In this blog post I’ll guide you through, step-by-step, how to create a child theme in WordPress from scratch. Let’s do this!

Stop spam comments in WordPress today – say goodbye in minutes!

Spam monster

In this post we’ll show you a variety of ways to control and reduce the amount of spam comments you receive on your WordPress blog. Some tips are useful for all blog platforms but this post focuses on creating your very own WordPress Spamwall. Stop spam comments today. Follow our seven tip guide and you can wave goodbye to spam in …

WordPress 4.0 offers a more seemless user experience

WordPress 4.0 Benny version update

WordPress 4.0 has arrived. The latest version is nicknamed “Benny” in recognition of the jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman. Jumping beyond version 3 will certainly raise expectations, so what’s new with in WP 4.0?

HTML icons reference – Unicode character list & CSS3 buttons

HTML icons unicode characters

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create some amazing HTML icons – they’re not images, but unicode font characters. Anybody can insert them into their website – they’re free and require no scripts or fancy coding knowledge. All you need to do is copy and paste their unique identifying code and style them as you would any other word …

How to schedule WordPress backups for free!

Schedule Automated WordPress Backups for Free

Good things in life aren’t always free, however we’ve found a free way to automate and schedule WordPress backups using a simple but effective plugin. Backup your entire WP site – files and SQL database, for the complete safety net solution. The plugin we’re going to recommend requires you to have a Dropbox account – but that’s freely available as well. Sound too …

How to manually backup your WordPress website

Manually Backup a WordPress website

Here’s a quick tutorial explaining the way I manually backup my WordPress website. It follows a two step process using an FTP client software and your web host’s control panel. 

Add Google fonts to your WordPress website

add Google fonts to WordPress

The ability to add Google fonts to your WordPress website is a four step process and especially useful for those wanting to customise their site a little further. Let’s walk you through the steps.

Best SEO practices according to Google

Best SEO practices according to Google

This post has gathered together some best SEO practices straight from Google (or the horse’s mouth, as it were). With a search engine whose secret formula is changing with increasing regularity, it seems prudent to have an SEO strategy with long-term planning.

Responsive HTML table design in WordPress

Cool kids responsive table design

The team were recently asked how we make our tables responsive in WordPress. That is an excellent question… so here’s some advice. Responsive HTML table designs can be challenging but with solid foundations your structure will be sound. Keep reading for the advanced tips.

WordPress 3.8 – So what’s new?

WordPress 3.8 admin colour scheme options

WordPress version 3.8 is here. Officially made available from 12th December 2013 it is one of the most dramatic visual changes to the WordPress administration interface in a long time.

Creating beautiful tables for your WordPress website

Zaposphere HTML Tables for WordPress

“How do I create beautiful looking tables for my WordPress website?” is a question often asked but rarely solved. We’ve found than many website owners just want a simple way of displaying their data – beautifully.

Creating a website ~ the checklist

Creating a Website - The Checklist

In the quest to make the process of creating a website simpler and easier to understand, the Zaposphere design studio has compiled an essential checklist. So if you want a website and are unsure what to do or where to go, the answers are below…