How to add custom CSS code without a child theme (WordPress)

Adding custom CSS code to your WordPress website needn’t be a hassle. Contrary to the advice you might be reading online, you can even do it quickly and easily without creating a child theme. Yes, that’s right. Add CSS code (styles) to WordPress – no child theme required. This is an easy (and completely professional) solution for beginners. With this solution there is zero chance of …

How to create and insert a custom menu in WordPress

Create custom navigational menus in WordPress

In this post we’ll take you step by step through the process of creating and inserting a custom menu in WordPress. Add a secondary navigation menu into your header area, footer area or directly inside your page content or blog post.

How to create a child theme in WordPress – Step by step guide

How to create a child theme in WordPress - a step-by-step guide

You want to modify your WordPress website’s theme but don’t want the hassle of losing your customizations everytime you update it? The answer to your problem is a child theme! In this blog post I’ll guide you through, step-by-step, how to create a child theme in WordPress from scratch. Let’s do this!

Add Google fonts to your WordPress website

add Google fonts to WordPress

The ability to add Google fonts to your WordPress website is a four step process and especially useful for those wanting to customise their site a little further. Let’s walk you through the steps.